Advocates are forced to ride a rickshaw :Prakash Ranjan.


By Kumari Swati

Patna: The Director of ‘Justice for Society’ Prakash Ranjan on Saturday at 12 pm addressed to the common masses and Advocates regarding the measures and precautions they should take to protect themselves from the Corona virus. He said Today the whole society along with the government and our judicial system is suffering from the effects of this pandemic.
The Bihar Bar council and central Bar council does not pay heed to the advocates.He said even at this time of Corona pandemic judges receive their high amount of salary but no one thinks about the condition of the advocates. He said In whole Bihar there is approximately one crore advocates that Indian government and Bihar government is neglecting to see.
On the other hand the whole judicial system is somewhere safeguarded by these advocates only. Today approximately 99 percent of the advocates are unemployed . Government has not taken any step to look after the condition of these advocates and neither fixed any grant .He further said that he is against the collegium system and requested the government to finish this or apply the same collegium system in lower courts as well for the recruitment of the judges so that common masses does not have to do lobbying for years in the court .

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