Do the psychoanalysis of your children : Dr Manoj Kumar.

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By Kumari Swati

With the changing time , mental health of a  child is becoming important as much as their physical health. And it has become important for parents to ensure the healthy mind and body of their child. We talked to “Dr Manoj Kumar” , famous psychiatrist of Patna , regarding the mental health of children. We bring an excerpt from the conversation we had.

Children are gift from God .Most of their time are spend at home, with family ,and in school and colleges.They are emotionally connected to their family members and their most important part of life is spent in schools.
At home if there is any change in the behaviour , the parents and elders at home can easily identify but in some matters when the child is not well adjusted from outside we see a comprehensive change in them.

Peer pressure:
If your child comes from school and directly rush to their bed , doesn’t answer your questions and often react with temper. They are not having their food ,then you need to be aware that your child is under some pressure.

Academic pressure:
If exams results are declared and your child is getting affected by the pressure of result. There is peer pressure of performing good than their classmates and friends . Those who secure good marks have a positive and happy mood, but the one who haven’t secured the marks expected then they may become sad. One can easily identify them if there is lack of sleep, a sudden shift of interest in game or any other area in which he was not interested earlier.They become stubborn while talking to elders and adamant in fulfilling their wish at any cost and  ignoring the advice of their parents.Then these are the symptoms of peer pressure.

When a child likes to be alone:
In today’s day and time , there are many cases that are coming up where we see ,a child likes to be alone to deal with anxiety and pressure.
A parent should be aware regarding the works their child is doing while they are alone. If a change is seen in there behaviour ,For example : Breaking toys or things they use, talking to themselves, biting their lower lips,Many a time , a child gets addicted to whitener and parents are not even aware of these habits.

Stop comparing your children with others:
It is often seen that ,parents compare the performance of their child with their peers.which create a sense of inferiority complex, anxiety,and pressure among children . Due to this they lack their self confidence, which in return lead to other health issues. They stop eating and talking to others , they not sleep properly become distant from everyone around them . There is sudden change one can see in their behaviour , within two weeks or six months . There is neurochemical change that undergoes in their brain , that leads to make them harm themselves.They start thinking that their life is of no importance . They become anxious and angry over their younger siblings and start abusing.

Help your child in Identifying their hidden qualities and passion:
If it is possible try to counsel them or take the help of the counsellor. Talk to them with love and positivity ,ask them  what they want to do in their career .what are their intrest and passion. Help them to sort out, which career is best for them and what they love to do.

Adopt positive attitude:
If your child have not gain the expected marks, be with them ,instill hope in them and boost their confidence and motivate them . Create a favourable Environment at home that your child feels free to say what is in their mind. Listen carefully what your child is trying to say, understand them. Boost up their self confidence , Engage them in outdoor activities so that their mind get diverted and motivate them to start  fresh. This way they will feel enthusiastic and confident and will better their performance for the next time .if things are not being controlled , you can take help from the counsellor.

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