Bihar govt. Imposes Rs. 50 fine for not wearing mask at office & public places .

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The rules has been adopted  in the wake of increasing numbers of Corona cases in Bihar.

By: Lovely singh

Patna : The Bihar government has decided to impose a fine of Rs 50 on those who will be found not wearing mask at office and public areas, this tenacious decision has been taken on 3rd July by the Nitish government for the concern of corona virus precaution. People who will be seen not following the instructions will be considered as  violating the Regulation .
A notification has been been issued by the state health department that this rule will come into effect from July 3rd ,under the “Bihar epidemic Disease Covid – Regulation 2020.The government also notified that people who publicize this norm will be given two Mask cover free of cost . This step has been taken to motivate them to wear face -Mask.
The secretary of information and public relations department , Anupam Kumar ,said that ” wearing  a Mask or face mask has been made mandatory and in case of breaking the rules, people will be imposed a fine of Rs 50  and these norms will come into effect from 3rd July this month. ” 

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