Ram is the Ultimate Brahma and Ayodhya is the Universe: Justice Rajendra Prasad

Regional Yoga & Spirituality

By Kumari Swati

Patna: When we see the life of Ram , we can witness various aspects. The story of his birth itself is an interesting tale to tell people across generations. He was born along with his three brothers to king Dashratha . The king had to perform a special yagya which was performed by “shringi rishi ” as a result of which the queens of Dashratha gave him four sons. At that point of time shringi Rishi was doing” Dhyaan”, at a place which is currently situated in Madhpura, Bihar said by Justice Rajendra Prasad to Hind Chakra Editor in Chief Abdhesh Jha.
Further he spoke that Ram completed his Education in Gurukul, which is now in mount aabu area of Rajasthan. He killed Tarika in Aara- Bhojpur, Bihar. During his exile he lived in different regions of south India and at last made a ashram and started living in Panchvati, which is situated in Nasik, Maharashtra. He killed Ravana and after even winning Lanka, instead of ruling the kingdom, he set the Lanka free, Thus his main phases of Life were spent in different regions of Southern India.
Justice Prasad said, When we look at the character of Rama we derive different aspects associated with it. He was an idle son, a good husband, brother, father and a great king.
Ram Rajya is symbolic of a state where justice is delivered. One cannot limit the meaning of Ram Rajya by associating it with Ram. Ram Rajya was there in Ayodhya even before lord Ram was born during the reign of king Dashratha. The word ‘Ram’ is known to the world before Ram was born. The meaning of the word means the ultimate bramha and this word exists from the origination of universe till now and will remain there for generations.
Ram is an idol or a character whose qualities can be imbibed by anyone. Ram is a reflection of goodness which is like a mirror in society that gives clue to a person as what one should do
and what is ethical and what is unethical.
Ramayana and Ram is not anyone’s entity of authority on which they can show their authority. It’s for everyone who is existing on this land and they can learn from it and can get positive influence from it .
It’s same like a fish knows where the water is, a farmer knows in which soil he has to sow his seed similarly a spiritual person knows what spirituality is and he have knowledge from which entity he can derive that spiritual quotient. Ram and Ayodhya is not a discussion of any political matter instead the talk regarding them is beyond political and diplomatic discussion as said by Justice Prasad.
The prime Minister of Nepal KP Sharma Oli ‘s statement on India’s rich cultural heritage stirred controversy in India. The question started popping up as how Oli can say “Ayodhya is in Nepal”. Many people were angry and disappointed with his statement. The Editor in chief, Hind Chakra Abdhesh Jha talked to Justice Rajendra Prasad, Former Judge, Patna High Court & President, All India Judges Association, Delhi in this regard where he said “Ram is the ultimate Bramha and Ayodhya is the universe”.

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