Election Commission sent list of banned leaders to all concerned districts on contesting elections in Bihar .


Written by Jitendra Kumar Sinha
English Translation by Kumari Swati

Patna:  According to information received from sources, the Election Commission has listed the list of leaders banned for contesting elections in Bihar under Section 10 (a) of the Representation of People Act, 1951, in all the districts of the constituency have been sent. It is noteworthy that till January 2020, 89 people in Bihar were disqualified to contest elections, out of which 62 people have passed their 3-year restricted period in September. Of the remaining, some are banned from contesting elections till September 2021 and many by January 2022.sources said that among those who are banned includes:
* Anant Kumar from Ali Nagar Legislative Assembly.
* Vijay Kumar and Ashok Jha from Kewati.
Babita Devi from Khagaria
* Turnti always from Sheshwarsthan.
* Benipur to Tarakant Jha.
* Jitendra Paswan from Benipur.
* Mohammad Arshad and Ramsakha Paswan from Hayaghat.
* Lakhindra Paswan from Patepur.
* Satish Prasad Singh from Parbatta.
* Raghunath Prasad Singh from Gaighat. * Sanjay Maurya and Farrukh Khan from Hathua.
* Kumodhar to Subodh Kumar.
* Ranjit Kumar from Kutumba.
* Aurangabad to Sanjeet Chaurasia.
* Sarjeet Suman, Ashrafi Shani, Abhay Kumar, Pooja Kumari and Kumar Vijay from Kudhni.
* Janaki Devi, Sharma Devi from Bhore.
* Includes Bindu Devi from Beldaur.
Sources said that the Election Commission has the right under Section 10 of the Representation of People Act, 1951, that no candidate can impose a restriction on the details of election expenses. If the details of election expenses are not given within 30 days of the result or if there is no valid reason for not giving the boozy, then the Commission can ban it from contesting elections for a fixed period.

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