Be the change you want to see in the world : Annu Kumari.

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By Kumari Swati

Today is International Girl’s child day. The whole world is celebrating this day and embracing the creation that almighty has gifted us . Hind chakra presents an interesting series of interveiws , of young girls and boys of different cities of India and what is their take on changing dynamics of gender in our country.
The Fifth person to be the part of the series is” Annu Kumari”, A Mass communication student from Patna women’s college. Annu is a confident, smart ,young girl who loves to write and speak what is true. She wants to become a journalist.we present you an excerpt of an interview with her regarding international Girls child Day.

1.What is your take on celebration of  international girls child day ?
My take on celebration of International girls child day is that Girls should get  freedom to pursue their dreams. They should have the right to live their life as they want without any pressure.I will say one thing that small changes are  needed like  If a girl want to sit at a nukkad and drink tea and eat snacks, gossip with friends in the same way like boys do but there is just opposite if a girl try to do then people watch her as she is doing some crime.
She can talk freely with a boy on the road and laugh with him but our society puts question on her character when she does that.
This International girl child day slogan is also saying that  “My voice Our equal future”.
So, this slogan is saying the same thing that every girl wants her voice to be listened and her wings to be spread to the sky so that she can achieve what she wants and that needs equality at every level and it starts from our own home.
2.Being a girl what you think now days girls have to face in our society?
Girls have to face so many things in the society like in crowd anyone  can touch her brutally in the crowd without her permission. Still dowry is practised in the society. The more educated the boy is or at high post the more he demands money like he is marrying to money not to the girl. This dowry is so deep rooted in our society that even bride’s family have  a fear over their mind that they even sell their property or land just for the sake of  marriage of the girl.
Parents who have a one , two or five girl child. They wait  for having a son and  sometimes parents  even abort the  girl child to have a baby boy in their home.
3.Have you ever faced any inequality being a girl ?
Yes, I faced inequality being a girl in my own home. We are two sisters and once my grandmother said that “tumhare papa ko bhi beta hota toh sahara hota”.
4. What should be the responsibility of a girl in order to make her mark in society?
According  to me  as girls we should first stop considering ourselves weak and stop comparing ourselves with  boys . Girls should know their inner powers that they are an epitome of power. We should be confident in our being and do the work according to our will and live our life on our terms.

5.What role government can play in order to give equal opportunities to girl?
Government can play a major role by implementing the schemes in a strict manner. Like if you launched”Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” the government should assure that every needy girl should get full benefit of it. The schemes should work in reality not only on papers.
6.How do you feel to be born as a girl?
I feel blessed to be born as a girl because I know my powers. Every girl is beautiful, unique and priceless creation of God. Every girl is shiv shakti means ” Power of god”. Every girl can achieve what she dreams of. They can break all the barriers and pre-occupied notions of the society.
7.Do you think girls have to change , depending on the prevailing factors like molestation, violence, eve teasing?
Yes, girls have to change depending on the prevailing factors like molestation, violence, eve teasing. They should be brave and bold. They should speak out when something bad happened with them. If one girl will speak up then it will inspire many more to raise their voice. All starts with you.I would like to end by a quotation of Mahatma Gandhi
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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