To be honest, it’s not the responsibility of men, but the girls themselves have to decide how they want to be treated: Shomil Anand.

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By Kumari Swati

Today is International Girl’s child day. The whole world is celebrating this day and embracing the creation that almighty has gifted us . Hind chakra presents an interesting series of interveiws , of young girls and boys of different cities of India and what is their take on changing dynamics of gender in our country . We bring you the interview of last person of this series , ” Shomil Anand” , a young boy from the Capital city of Bihar , Patna.
We bring you his veiws on the international Girls child Day.

  1. What is your take on celebration of international girls child day?
    It sounds like a reminder to me, which says ‘ see, a girl child is important’ and if our world needs a reminder like these I think something needs to fixed as soon as possible. It’s a blot on our society that is in disguise of celebration. So, instead of celebrating it, we better think about the reasons and try to fix things out so that having a girl child can be as normal as a boy child.
    2.Being a part of society , what you think girls have to face in our society!?
    I have been brought up in a positive environment so all I know about the hard part of our society is through news media, books or movies and whatever I came to know is really disheartening. Though there are good people too who genuinely supports and respects women, we can’t deny the fact that there is still more darkness than light.

3.Have you ever witnessed any inequality that have been done in your presence to a girl?
Not yet. Even when we were together in an institute, I don’t think there was anything like inequality. Everyone had equal opportunities and we had a really comfortable environment there.

4 .What should be the responsibility of the male section of our society to bring a change in the way girls are treated ?
To be honest, it’s not the responsibility of men, but the girls themselves have to decide how they want to be treated. You teach people how to treat you by what you allow. So stop tolerating all the bullshit and you are no more a weak person.

  1. What role government can play in order to give equal opportunities to girl?
    Government is already playing their part by providing free education to girls or providing reservation in different job sectors. Though the law needs to be a little more strict so that girls can feel more safe.
  2. Do you think with the increasing crime rates , against women , costume wore by the women is a factor that need to be addressed ?
    Dress is not at all responsible for any crime, the only thing which is responsible for a crime is the criminal. All we need is a strong law and zero tolerance against those criminals.
  3. What is the importance of females in your life?
    Whatever I am today is just because of the women in my my life. Whether it’s my grandmother, mother, aunts or my sisters I have always been surrounded by women. They taught me innovation, the power of positivity in face of adversity, team work and many more things. They corrected me whenever I was wrong with utmost sincerity. I think my life is shaped by women only, and I am thankful for that

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