Corona is not spread by fruits and vegetables


Written by Jitendra Kumar Sinha
English Translation by Kumari Swati

Common people were more afraid of corona virus with fruits and vegetables. The administration also confiscated fruits and vegetables during the lockdown, but doctors claimed after research that the corona is not spread by vegetables and fruits.

The WHO and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have also stated that the infection does not spread due to vegetables or fruits. Despite this, people remain afraid. And people are using potato-onion. The effect of potato and onion is such that people of other diseases, including sugar, are now facing other problems.

Now due to being released in lockdown, fear among the people is almost over. In the coming days, there is a stroll in the markets and people are shopping their
Shopkeepers have decorated shops from shop to footpath on the occasion of Navratri and people are shopping for their favorite items. While shopping, masks are not being seen on people’s faces and even more distancing people are not maintaining it.

There may be some route in the market on which there is no jam of trains. For example Patna Junction, New Dakbangla, Exhibition Road, Bhattacharya Road, Piramuhani, Kadamkuan, Bakarganj, Maghuatoli, Kankarbagh Bus Stand … etc.

Now the administration has also carried out only the paper checking drive of the drivers. The administration is no longer focusing on mask checking or distancing and people are tearing it apart. In such a way, the corona from Bihar is decreasing day by day. With this, it seems that by the end of the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections, Corona will be completely finished from Bihar.

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