Disposal of plastics still a big question among Indians.


Written by Kumari Swati and Ankit Tiwari.

Hindchakra conducted a survey regarding the awareness of usage and disposal of Plastics among Indian masses. There were 115 respondents who responded the survey. People of different age groups , living in different cities of India participated in this survey.
There were total 18 Questions that were asked in the  survey and people answers were quite interesting . 56. 5 %people said that they use plastics in limited quantity. 47%people responded that they give plastics to the people who come to collect plastics at their homes.44.3% throw the plastics in dustbin. As we know segregating of wastes into two dustbins , one for biodegradable and other for Non biodegradable is an Environmental friendly practice. When the question of the survey asked the respondents regarding “Did they have a system of two dustbins at home”, the data we got was an interesting one as 49.1% responded that they have a system of two dustbins at home  , and 50.9% have no system of separate dustbins at there homes.
77.2% of the respondents were aware of the problems that were created during disposal of plastics on environment. There were  16.7% respondents out of 115 who were well informed regarding the environmental problems that are caused due to disposal of plastics.

The usage of plastics depends upon the amount of plastics that come out of our homes on a monthly basis .57% responded that the average plastics are few in number that come out of their homes on a monthly basis.27.2% responded that large number of plastics come out of their home , 8.8%responded that on an average basis a balanced proportion of plastics come out of their home monthly.7% had no idea in this regard.

58.8% of respondents uses jute bags when they go for shopping , 36%of them uses plastics.In the world of social media Are we really aware and social in real meaning , the next answer of the survey may give you a clue to this point.59.6% respondents are aware of the compaigns  that took place to reduce plastic bags in their area , 40.4%of them were clueless regarding this fact.

Our kitchen is also a place which witnesses a fact as what amount of plastics we use in daily life. Due to colourful utensils of plastics many people uses utensils of plastics instead of steel. These people are somewhere not aware of the damages the plastic utensils causes on health.41.2%respondents do not have any plastic utensils.27.2%of them uses it whereas 30.7%of them have some plastics utensils which are in fewer quantity.84.1%of respondents uses steel tiffin boxes for their daily use and 15%of them uses plastic tiffin boxes .

Plastics are generally used for carrying stuffs from one place to another as it is easily available.92% of the respondents were affirmative with the fact that if they were allowed to borrow supermarket trolleys/baskets to transport their groceries , that would remove their need for plastic bags from supermarket, but 8%were disagreeing with this solution. 

The amount of plastic waste are found in large quantity in our country , plastics are not completely disposed in a soil thus recycling of plastics and its reuse is the only solution to decrease the amount of plastic waste. But  these plastic wastes has been used in banglore to make roads which have water repellent capacity three times more as compare to normal roads . 65.5%of respondents were aware of this information while 34.5% of them were unaware regarding this .

Ironically it seems as if people are aware of the harmful effects of plastics, the data shows that 99.1% of respondents are aware that burning plastics causes harmful gases but still plastics are burnt in huge amount in our country , and it affects the health of people as well as environment. The careless and casual attitude of people lead to this situation.

41.6%responded that plastics are used widely in our country due to its easy availability, 28.3%said because of its cheaper rate . 11.5%of them responded that people are unaware of the harmful effects of plastics so they continue to use it. 18.6%agreed to a fact that due to lack of proper alternative plastics are widely used.

The other questions were regarding the alternatives of plastics that can be used in day to day life  ,steps that can be taken by government and people to create awareness regarding the usage and disposal of plastics .

To know the intresting and intriguing answers of the respondents , Do follow our upcoming articles.

5 thoughts on “Disposal of plastics still a big question among Indians.

  1. नगरपालिका और नगर निगम स्तर पर नियमित कचरा एकत्रित करना और उसका उचित प्रबंधन करना चाहिए, घरेलू स्तर पर भी अलग अलग तरह के कचरे का प्रबंधन और निगम की कचरा पेटी या कचरा वाहन में ही कचरा ढालने के नियम का कढ़ाई से पालन करना चाहिए. उपभोक्ताओं को दुकान दार से प्लास्टिक बैग मागने से बचना चाहिए, और आपने सब कुछ तो लिख दिया कुछ छोड़ा ही नहीं सुझाव देने के लिए, एक्सीलेंट वर्क 👏👏🙏

  2. The best solution would be to take disposal of plastic as a solution Rather than problem.
    One of the solution would be to use disposable plastic in road/bridge construction , that increase their life span as compared to conventional method.

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