LPG Cylinder distribution mode may Change


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An unexpected Change in the mode of LPG cylinder distribution may take place among it’s Rural consumer Holder.The sudden change in the delivery process of LPG cylinder may regulate from this upcoming Month November this year. To combating concealment of cylinder and to identify customer’s real authenticity of Gas consumer Holder ,oil company will proposed or introduced a new distribution system mode ,,”the sources said”.

According to sources, newly introduced LPG distribution mode( system ) has been named as DAC ( Delivery Authentication card). According to this system , consumer will have to booking LPG order through online mode but have to register their Mobile no and an OTP will be sent to that no. by the Gas company. That OTP has to shown to that vender or dilevery boy for the approval of Authentication process.

Those consumer who haven’t updated their account mobile number yet ,they get easily updated their personal info. Through an application With the help of delivery boy and could generate OTP successfully.
It is stated that those consumer who’s adress and Mobile no haven’t updated or have incorrect address ,they may have to face difficulties while ordering online cylinder or perhaps may get cut off from the services. , “Sources said “.
Although oil company will promptly introduce or regulate this system in the first 100 cities and then will be regulated in another cities across the nation . it’s pilot project has been running from Jaipur .Moreover, more than 95% of project’s success rate will be distributed among only with oil companies.The new system will be applicable for the Rural commercials holder , not for the commercial holder.

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