Alternatives of the plastics can be many , depending on the choice of the masses.


Written by Kumari Swati and Ankit Tiwari.

The survey conducted by Hind chakra on Awareness of usage and disposal of plastics among Indian masses touches the different aspects of the topic.we present you the second article comprising the response of the other questions that were asked in the survey.
When one travels from a train or any other transport, they usually carry plastic bottles for drinking water .Even the marketers have to sold their cold drinks and other food and edible items in plastic packaging.

A question was asked to the respondents regarding the context that whether they use plastics bottles during travelling.
36% of them responded that they use it ,34.2%of them don’t use plastic bottles while travelling.18.4% of them use for sometime and then throw it.11.4% of them collect these plastic bottles and give it to the people for recycling.

The other question that we asked the respondents included” if online shopping helps to reduce plastic bag usage would they consider doing more online shopping”. 58.4 % of them said yes .28.3%of respondents responded that maybe they will think of online shopping and 9.7%of them responded that sometimes they can go for online mode of shopping.

The alternatives of plastics according to our respondents could be many . According to them it includes:




.paper packaging.

.cheap fabric bags.


.Bamboo bottles and steel bottles 

.Handmade bags.

.Cotton and leather bags.

The response to this question was amazing. People participated in this survey willingly  and responded spontaneously and creatively.
The initiative of Hind chakra to conduct this survey was to find out the Solutions from people regarding the problems created by plastics on the environment. We also wanted to know that how as humans we can change something in our habits that will further change the environment. People seems well aware of the alternatives of plastics , and many of them use these alternatives counsciously and deliberately . The percentage of this population may be small but if the idea is promoted on a larger scale and people are made aware regarding these alternatives of plastics . They themselves will take one step further in order to safeguard their health and Environment. But this awareness needs a holistic approach . The question pops in the minds of many people that how this awareness can be created , well , there is no question whose answer cannot be found. We will inform  you the answers  that our respondents  gave and what they think , how awareness can be generated among the people regarding plastics. To know the further details of the survey ,kindly follow our last article which will be published soon.

3 thoughts on “Alternatives of the plastics can be many , depending on the choice of the masses.

  1. हिन्दचक्र द्वारा पर्यावरण और परिस्थितिकी के प्रिति जागरूकता की दृष्टि से एक सराहनीय पहल और सर्वेंझण, आर्टिकल में आपने बम्बो बोतल यानी बांस की लकड़ी से बने बोतल का ज़िक्र किया है जो की एक बेहतरीन सुझाव है भारत सरकार की नई बांस नीति जो की बांस उत्पादन को बढ़ाने और इससे जोड़े किसान और कारीगरों को रोजगार प्रदान करेगा ख़ासकर उन लोगों को जो दूर दराज़ के वन झेत्र में रहते है, एक बार फिर आपकी पर्यावरण के प्रिति जागरूकता को आगे बढ़ाने की पहल को बहुत बहुत साधुवाद और धन्यवाद 👌👏👏

  2. Clearly this article comes up with the numbers to show that we all aware of the repercussion but still as an individual we not doing enough.
    Awareness is the only solution.

  3. Good initiative to spread awareness. We know how harmful it is but not everyone knows how to resolve the problems. Hope that this helps many people.

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