How to keep utmost care of the environment & conserving its precious resources: Dharti foundation


  • Anushka Banik

World Environment Day
Environment is the most precious gift of God to Mother Earth. It is the base on which we are surviving including all other living species. In view of respecting our environment, 5th of June, every year is celebrated as world environment day. It inspires us to keep utmost care of the environment and conserving its precious resources. For this purpose, Dharti Foundation had initiated its 500 Crore Plantation Drive in the recent years. In the process of finding solutions for environmental conservation and protection, today’s youth should be encouraged enough for having a healthy and pollution free environment.
Environment is not a musical instruments where you can dance and enjoy just like cinema hall or disko. It is part of inner sense where you will realize the reality and work for solution.

If you talking about the Save River or Save Soil the most important is your physical presentation not only digitalized activities. your one day package can not effect positive aspect in the filed of restoration of ecosystem.
On this occasion of World Environment Day, today Dharti Foundation had organised and engaged itself in a 15000- Plantation Drive, through 8 states and their various institutions and universities. A total of 20 institutions and the students thereof participated in this drive. Some of those are:-
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.
National Cadet Corps (NCC), New Delhi.
Delhi University, Delhi.
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
Gaya, Bihar.
Ranchi, Jharkhand.

It is always a wonderful experience to see the youth, understanding the importance of environment. They are also helpful in creating and spreading awareness among other people in the society. The increasing population has generated new demands which directly or indirectly affect the nature. Pollution control is also vital for healthy survival of all the living species. Trees are the friends of not only the mankind but also the earth as a whole.

Trees are homes to various animals and birds. Their roots hold the soil tightly to prevent soil erosion and soil degradation. They ensure a flood free environment to the surrounding areas. They release the life bearing gas, Oxygen to the atmosphere Without which life on earth could never be imagined. They are responsible for bringing monsoon to the Earth. We, as a nation and as individuals should come forward to reduce the cutting down of trees and aim towards reforestation. This special day should involve our participation alongwith a promise to ourselves that we will prevent each and everything which would harm the environment.

Saving the purity and cleanliness of the rivers of India is also one of the many steps towards environmental protection by Dharti Foundation. The Save River Campaign is aimed at maintaining the purity of the rivers nationwide. Scarcity of water is visible in many areas of the country. The impure water brings with it many diseases which even affect the immune system. It also affects the crops due to lack of proper irrigation. Ultimately the soil also loosens and loses its rich nutrients. So, proper implementation of river conservation policy is important.

The youth should always lend a hand forward to ensure a smooth functioning and strong participation in the conservation of environment, wherever and whenever possible. They can prove to be great partners of every environmentalist. Implementation of recycling programmes , preserving electricity, using eco-friendly bags, glasses, plates, etc., helping in cleanliness of rivers and its banks, planting as many trees as possible, creating awareness in the rural as well as urban areas, visiting institutions to conduct seminars for environmental conservation, etc. are some of the many ways by which we can protect our Mother Nature. In this way, gradually we all can contribute globally to ensure a vibrant climate, beautiful seasons and pleasant weathers to the upcoming generations. Today’s youth is the most intellectual influencer for the future of a bright society, with the best environment.

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