World famous four day Chhath Puja completed .


Written by Jitendra Kumar Sinha
English Translation by Kumari Swati.

Patna , 21 November : Chhath Puja, is a festival that is dedicated to the worship of world famous Surya Dev. This festival is also done for the happy and long life of Children .The Festival was concluded today. Chhath puja is a four day festival , Nahai-Khay is celebrated on the first day ,the second day is celebrated as Lohanda and Kharna. The third and Fourth day is celebrated as Sandhya Arghya and Morning Arghya respectively. Early Morning sunrise Arghya also known as Paran marks the end of the puja.Chhathrati offerings are made on the third day of the Puja. The fruits, thekua, rice laddus and other items of worship are kept in bamboo baskets .Which are carried near rivers and small lakes where puja is done. According to mythological beliefs, Surya lives with his wife Pratyusha in the evening. Therefore, there is a ritual where in evening , the last rays of the sun are worshiped as a offering to them. According to astrologers, by offering arghya to the rising sun people get rid of many troubles and other health issues. According to the scientific view, offering light to the rising sun increases the light of the eyes. As per the request of the administration due to the corona Pandemic in Patna, most of the people celebrated the puja on their terrace at their homes.

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