Sun: The Ultimate source of Energy on Earth.

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Written by Abdhesh Jha.
English Translation by Kumari Swati.

The Sun is the ultimate Source of Energy due to which there is existence of life on this Earth. Which is a universally accepted truth today. It has been called the soul of the world. In the Vedic period, Sun has been considered as the ultimate doer of the whole world. Sun has an important place in the list of Gods of Rigveda. A mantra in Yajurveda says
“Chaksho Suryo Jayat” Which means In Yajurved the sun is considered to be the eye of God. In the Chandogyapanishad, the sun has been described as Pranava and the benefit of getting a son from his dhyana sadhana is told.
Brahmavarvat Puran considers the sun to be the divine form.
Gayatri Mantra is based on the sun. In the Suryopanishad ,Surya is the only reason for the origin of the whole world. And he has been described as the soul of the whole world and Brahm. According to the Sruti of the Suryopanishad, the whole world is protected by the Sun .
Sun is the conscience of the whole world. Hence, it is no wonder that Suryopasana has been prevalent in India since Vedic period. Later idol worship was practiced! The importance of sun worship and temple building is explained in a dialogue between Brahma Vishnu in Future Puran.
The importance of Sun is not just explained in Vedic literature but also in Ayurveda, Jyotish and hastrekha scriptures.

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