Manjha wounds 2,000 birds every year during the city’s Uttarayan festival.


By Kumari Swati.

Makar sankranti is arriving , and people are getting themselves ready for the festival. Many people have started buying kites ,and some of them have started flying kites .This festival is of joy and happiness , flying a kite is a ritual that is performed during this festival , but this happiness and joy become sorrow for many people .
The thread that we use for flying a kite also known as Manjha becomes dangerous for human lives. Manja is sharp thread used in kite-flying competitions for cutting opponents’ kite strings. It is made of sharp material or coated with finely crushed glass, metal, or other substances. These strings don’t only cut through other kite strings – they also inflict painful, life-threatening injuries and kill both animals and humans, including children. Manja also causes expensive blackouts and electrocution when it cuts through power lines.
Manja maims and kills thousands of pigeons, crows, owls, endangered vultures, and other birds each year. The strings cut birds and become tangled in trees or on buildings, where they then trap and injure animals. According to a report published in a website “Secure .Peta .Com” A bird rescuer in Ahmedabad estimates that manja wounds 2,000 birds every year during the city’s Uttarayan festival and that 500 of them die from their injuries. During 2017’s Independence Day celebrations, Delhi’s Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir bird hospital treated nearly 700 birds for manja-related injuries.”.
The National Green Tribunal (NGT) banned synthetic and nylon manja in 2017, but all forms of manja are equally dangerous.
Government has to take strict actions regarding this .The cotton threads should be used instead of nylon threads .
Thus it becomes our prime responsibility , that whenever we go to buy a kite , one should ensure that Manjha is made of cotton rather than nylon or any other harmful substance.

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