Prashant Kishor stands committed to the Jan Suraaj movement, Padyatra in Bihar from Oct 2


Patna : 15 September 2022 :: Prashant Kishor stands committed to the Jan Suraaj movement and Padyatra in Bihar from October 2 onwards.

Under the Jan Suraj campaign of Bihar, Prashant Kishor, who is all set for the Padyatra from October 2, 2022, clarified meeting with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on September 13. Prashant Kishor confirms his meeting with Nitish Kumar at his residence and this meeting should be viewed as a social -political courtesy call.

While speaking to the media Prashant said, “Nitish Kumar is the CM of Bihar, I have been active in Bihar since May, and meeting him personally was always in the picture but due to time constraints this meeting could not take place”.

Prashant Kishor’s stand on the Jan Suraaj movement and his alignment with Nitish Kumar

Prashant Kishor made it clear that he stands firmly with the vision of the Jan Suraaj and will be traveling across Bihar through the proposed Padyatra from October 2. He will go to different villages and blocks of Bihar for about a year and will meet people and bring forward the right people from the society who can work for the betterment of Bihar. During his conversation with Nitish Kumar, Prashant put forward his view on the liquor ban in Bihar and how it is clearly not effective on the ground.

The incident of Begusarai is a reflection of poor law and order

Speaking on the recent incident in Begusarai, Prashant indicated that incidents like these amplify people’s existing apprehensions about the state’s poor condition of law and order.

Prashant said, “A major part of the administration is primarily focusing on the liquor ban therefore it is affecting the general administrative system and the law and order situation in Bihar has deteriorated in the last few years after the imposition of this prohibition policy. Reiterating, Prashant added, “Nitish Kumar is the administrative head and home minister therefore it becomes his responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the residents of Bihar”.

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