IITP organized, “Nature inspired technologies for carbon sequestration & Ground engineering”


Patna: 23 December 2022, IIT Patna, Bihar -A national seminar on “Nature-inspired technologies for carbon sequestration and ground engineering [NiTCSGE, 2022]” organized by IIT Patna, sponsored by the Ministry of Earth Sciences disseminates the current knowledge in geo -sequestration of carbon, climate change control, net zero carbon future aspects, alternative nature-inspired engineering, energy transition in mining, Thermo -Hydro-Mechanical-Modelling, and nature-inspired slope protection, and conversion of CO2 to valuable materials.
This national seminar brought eight imminent speakers across India to deliver valuable keynote lectures on NiTCSGE 2022 on 22nd December 2022.
Professor T N Singh, Distinguished Professor and Honourable Director IIT Patna; Dr. O P Mishra, Advisor/Scientist – “G”/ Programme Head (SAGE) / Director NCS, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India; Dr. Debadutta Mohanty, Senior Principal Scientist & HoS, Non-Conventional Gases Research Group, CSIR-CIMFR, Jharkhand, India; Dr. Vikram Vishal, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay; Shri Gaurav Kumar Kedia, Innovator, and Chairman, Indian Biogas Association, Gurugram, Haryana, India; Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Chief Research Coordinator, PMRC Pvt. Limited, Former Scientist & Head, Methane Emission & Degasification, CSIR-Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad, India; Dr. Amit Kumar Verma, Associate Professor, Department of Mining Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi, India; Dr. Sushant Kumar, Assistant Professor, and Head, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, IIT Patna, India.
The seminar was well executed and led by convener Dr. Arvind Kumar Jha, Assistant Professor and Distinguished Prof. (Dr.) T N Singh, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE), IIT Patna. Professor T N Singh was honored as patron for this program. Dr. O P Mishra was honored as chief guest for this program. Professor A K Thakur, dean of academics, was honored as a distinguished guest of honor. Faculty members Dr. Vaibhav Singhal, Assistant Professor and Head DCEE, Dr. Amarnath Hegde, Assistant Professor, Dr. Baadiga Ramu, Assistant Professor, and students Mr. Abhishek Tarun, Ph.D. Student, Mr. Gaurav Mathur, Ph.D. Student, Mr. Shivam Pandey, Ph.D. Student, Mr. Uday Shankar Yadav, M.Tech. Students acted as an organizing body for this national seminar.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Jha welcomed an opening ceremony for the two-day national workshop in the presence of Professor T N Singh, Professor A K Thakur, Dean Academic, and Dr. Vaibhav Singhal.
Professor T N Singh has delivered his expertise lecture on “Geological CO2 sequestration: problem and opportunity”. His thoughts and views were kept in broadway for scientists and engineers to provide innovative solutions and deep research to control CO2 emissions. He stressed facts on rising temperatures, abrupt changes in climate, heavy mining extraction etc,. As he repeatedly pointed out that conservation of energy and energy -based developments without disturbing the earth’s ecosystem plays a significant role in upcoming developments. The multidimensional approach with experts from chemistry, biotechnology, earth science, etc., is another viewpoint Professor T N Singh shared on the sequestration of CO2 emissions. He opined that the development of any new helpful technology for society must consider cost and time implications, which are essential parts of any country’s socio -economical development. Professor also expressed his views on hydro-based energy systems and functions which can help or reduce excess CO2 emissions. His thoughts left researchers, students, and industry people to think about what each could contribute to the country.
Dr. A K Thakur, dean academic, pointed out having feasibility of an “earth science center” as this region falls under the earthquake zone, and he stressed support from the ministry of earth science for possible establishment. Dr. A K Thakur has highlighted important aspects of controlling global warming through green technology.
Dr. O P Mishra has stressed important climate change issues over the ages as anthropogenic activities increased. He alarmed the survival feature of green technology through two modes, i.e., sustainable solutions and new developing technologies. He pointed out the significance of carbon capture and storage by understanding fundamental science. He pointed melting and accumulation of ice caps in the Himalayan region due to various activities causing climate change issues. In his keynote lecture, he expressed concern about raising CO2 due to human activities carried out by burning fossil fuels, gas, oil, etc. Power generation, manufacturing, transportation, overconsumption, food production, and deforestation are reported to be significant pollution emitters disturbing the earth’s ecosystem. An alarming fact from Dr. O P Mishra on CO2 emissions reported emitting nearly 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere yearly. He showcased the climate change issues and recommended using green technology, innovative engineering solutions, and fundamental research in these areas. As a way forward, Dr. O P Mishra has suggested keeping fossil fuels in the ground, investing in renewable energy, switching to sustainable transport, improving farming, encouraging veganism, and protecting forests. The best solutions he viewed are net- zero commitments. He pointed to reducing the emissions by 45% by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050.
In this sequence of educating and giving full awareness, expert lectures from Dr. Debadutta Mohanty, Dr. Vikram Vishal, Gaurav Kumar Kedia, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar Verma, and Dr. Sushant Kumar have been delivered. These eminent speakers disseminated many take -home points for future survival and sustainable world with a major focus on zero carbon emission.

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