3rd day of XIMB 4th Business Excellence Summit – 22: Expert said, “How to achieve balance and calmness in all situations” determine the big sustain in business


Bhubaneswar: 2 October 2022 :: Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar is organizing the 4th edition of the annual Business Excellence Summit from 29th September to 1st October 2022. The theme for this year’s summit was Transcending boundaries.

Day 3 of Business Excellence Summit 2022 began with the first keynote speaker for the day, Vivek Atray, an ex- IAS delivering a speech on the topic ‘IQ and EQ in the Corporate World’, where he highlighted ‘Your IQ & EQ have to be high enough to understand the bigger picture.’ He mentioned three stories, each giving insight into being humble, having a sense of humour, and how to achieve balance and calmness in all situations. He also encouraged the students to be aware of their surroundings before speaking anything as they are young professionals entering the corporate world soon. He briefly discussed how one should scold someone in private and praise in public as the first one is considered to be humiliation whereas the latter is not. Finally, he ended his session by stating “If happiness is the goal of life and if I go without smiling for a week then where is the happiness? The point is to make yourself feel good.”

Sharbani Sengupta, Vice President – Customer Service at DHL Express, delivered a speech on ‘Magic of Mindful Leadership’. She started her session by discussing DHL and the various actions they would take for zero net emissions by 2050. She shared her dateless diary points wherein she emphasized always being in a positive energy zone. She has taken many courses in meditation and mindfulness. She said,” Being in a zone of mindfulness and high energy is what makes you successful. You will find insights that will help you change the world”. She asked the students to close their eyes and meditate for a few minutes. She ended the talk by sharing her personal story about meditation and how that changed her life.

The session with Rohit Kilam, the CTO at India’s largest and world’s 4th largest cash management company – CMS Info Systems, a multipotentiality leader and has held CIO/CTO roles for several companies in the IT strategy and consulting domain. He explained how the process behind any startup begins with identifying the problem, trying to solve it using innovation, modern techniques, uniquely building the solution and scaling up the organization at a fast pace. He also stressed upon how the world has swiftly moved from physical to digital and how new age companies are capitalizing on it by citing examples of Nykaa, Zomato, Zerodha. He highlighted how India is a world leader in the fintech space and is on the verge of exporting its fintech technology to the world. He also shed light on how the government is helping the start- up evolution and formalization of the Indian economy through various initiatives and ended the talk with a discussion with the students on post covid questions for managers.In conclusion he explained about how companies build products, where Indian startups are lacking, how women leaders play an integral role in the startup ecosystem.

Ashish Garg, Managing Director of Group G, started his talk with an anecdote describing his humble childhood where they lived a simple life despite having ample wealth. He mentioned that the teaching, “It’s not about the fish, it’s about the art of fishing,” awakened an entrepreneurial spirit and helped him become a successful being. This was passed on to him by his forefathers over generations meaning that inherited wealth wouldn’t make one happy. Instead, the hustle and the art of fishing give real happiness. Finally, he parted with his enriching words of wisdom “Simplicity wins over shrewdness as simplicity creates goodwill, and goodwill creates business. You do not have to be shrewd to make businesses successful.”
The next speaker, Dr. Swatee Sarangi, HR Head of Global Generics India, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, is an eminent speaker with diverse experience in the fields of research, teaching, leadership development, consulting, and driving strategic HR practices. She presented on the subject, “Thriving Through Innovation”. She started the session by introducing the two terms, thriving and innovation and explained that to thrive one needs to innovate and for innovation, we need to think creatively and look past existing ways of seeing the world. She briefly discussed the mindset, skillset and culture that drives innovation where she mentioned, “Innovation is not a fad. You cannot jump into it just because everyone is doing it. You must do it because you believe that your innovations will solve real problems and benefit society”. The session ended with an encouraging note to develop a divergent thought process and allow themselves to fail and learn from these failures.
The last speaker of the day was Shailesh Paul, Vice president of VISA who is currently heading the merchant sales and acquiring division to India and South Asian region. The topic of the talk was “Changing the paradigm of the payment structure in the country”. He started the talk by sharing his personal experiences of growth through his career journey. He later explained, in detail, the work that VISA does and how it has been instrumental in changing the way the payments around the world work. He also discussed the future of the payment system. The session ended with an engaging Q & A session.
The valedictory address was delivered by Utsav Chirimar, General Secretary, Student Executive Council. He thanked all the stakeholders involved in conducting Business Excellence Summit 2022, starting with the Administration, Rev Fr Vice Chancellor, Rev Fr Registrar, Rev Fr Deputy Registrar, and the Dean, for the opportunity to conduct the flagship event of XIM, Bhubaneswar. He acknowledged the event’s grandeur, saying, “when you have the chance, you reenergize and do something better.” He thanked the sponsors and the Media Partners for Business Excellence Summit 2022 for their support. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers who graced the event and shared their valuable views with the students. The event concluded with a post-event video, followed by Utsav declaring Business Excellence Summit 2022 close.

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