“Respect Bihar” workshop at IIT Patna focused on Motion, Rotation and Gravitation


Patna: 19 January 2023 :: Training on REPECT Bihar Workshop started with the lecture by the convener Dr. Manoranjan Kar, IIT Patna. He enlightened the teachers about nature observation and its physics formulation. Teachers were motivated to think and give different natural phenomena to understand the physics formulation. Another resource person Dr A K Mukherjee from IIT Patna gave a classroom demo on oscillatory motion.
The simple harmonic motion was demonstration for deep learning and conceptualization by the teachers. Further the training by Dr. Santosh Kumar was extended by using water bottle rotation. A toy wheel rotation demonstrated the rotation dynamics and its influence by gravitation. The teachers were compelled to think and realize the physics formulation. They were excited to deliver their presentation in better way. Again, the convener Dr. Manoranjan Kar cleared the vector formulation and its utilization as well as realization in the class room.
A researcher and teacher Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh excited the teachers by showing simple method using small spring balance, cotton rod, small magnet, etc. The teachers were astonished to realize the magnetism projectile motion can be demonstrated the items around them. It was very exciting for them. Dr. Manoranjan Kar explained the quantization from the demonstration of oscillation of classical spring. In a nutshell the workshop is becoming more and more exciting and it will develop the physics education in Bihar. The convener, participant and resource persons are very grateful to government of Bihar for taking such initiative and, IAPT and IIT Patna are actively taking the positive note to strengthen physics education in Bihar.
IIT Patna is focusing on the progress of science and will certainly prove to be a milestone in reviving physics education in the schools of Bihar.

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