Education and Generation Z .


By Anija Priyanshu

Social media freaks term Gen Z as mid to late 1990s born. We being a Gen Z are pragrammed digital natives. We are raising our kids in the era of artificial intelligence .

Reports state that majority of student’s population are Gen-Zers and about 95% of them have direct access to all aspects of modern day gadgets majorly smartphones.
There has been a number of significant changes in education system since we got our independence but unfortunately , pre – existing teaching practices are unable to fit into the modern day scenario.
Overburdening syllabus and assessments , less social interaction , time bound assignments and peer pressure may have constricted the growing naive minds in every possible manner.

With a positive note , I being a new generation student , came up with three ” WHYs” that lacks the present system of education in India.

If we could spare a minute and think rationally , the very first question arising will be , “Why aren’t we allowed to make mistakes in our education system “?
” Mistakes fuel creativity and innovation ” .
Suppose a class filled with 20 students is asked a question , ” How many of you woke up and decide to learn something creative today ?” Probability is maximum 5 out of 20 hands could rise in the air. The reason behind this is, our education system is shaping minds to only study and not to learn . Children themselves are not enjoying the process of learning.
They are afraid of making mistakes as a result of a biased social environment . Guardians and teachers are not willingly happy to accept their mistakes as a by-product of learning.
Since ages human has been learning from his mistakes . In fact many great inventions has once been a mistake .
As a result creativity is vanishing and becoming less prioritize in order to acquire the education. “A denial in today could be a defect in tomorrow ” , So we have to think practically and provide more creative environment in which young minds could make mistakes , learn from it and grow towards every creative aspects . A room for all to think out of the box , at their potential pace .

The second is the most common issue we as this generation is facing is ” Why Art as a Subject is considered weak ?” .
Studies shows, 21st century has the highest scientific approach globally till date.

Intellect is set as the new paramater to measure human brains. “Highly intelligent minds have greater scientific approach. ” Upto what extent is this relevant ?
Speaking of student affairs , they are pushed towards science no matter what there interests lies in . Consequently they do not perform better , lack self- confidence and in some cases get mentally depressed.
Art as a subject is full of diverse knowledge as well as opportunities.
Why do we fail as a society to accept this fact ?
We should eliminate this orthodoxical misconception and let our child choose whatever field they want to . Science is not the only way to measure your potential , there are endless platforms because “creative minds emerge from your insight not your intellectual”.

Now you must be wandering what could be the third one !
The third why of my theory is “Why do we need to get education?”
Anyone will answer , for a good salaried job or a better career. Some will speak of success.
But is this really an answer to this question? We are training little brains as merely a money oriented species.
Earning Six figured digits has become a soul purpose of education.
Quoting a data from NC State university , the motto of Generation Z is ” work to live , not live to work .” However our generation still wants a workplace that is community minded not just a place to earn paychecks .

New studies finds that nearly half of us are not satisfied with our job even if it follows handsome salary.
Real issue lies in the pattern we follow to acquire job.
Summing up all , three “WHYs” stated above is the real time issues and should be considered upon.
Education system needs a renewed pattern inspite of following old practices. We as society as well parents should evolve our mindset , perception and thoughts .
And facilitating a – creative & unbiased space to maximize their potential holistically with unburdened free minds.

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