Go Bihar , Grow Bihar !


By Kumari Swati

Photography by Diksha

Bihar commemorates its 111th foundation day today . when we go down the memory lane , it was on this day 22 nd of March in year 1912 when Bihar and orissa was separated from the Bengal Province and got its independent status.
Today everyone is celebrating Bihar Divas and embracing the cultural , lingual and diverse ethnicity of Bihar . This year in 2023 Bihar Divas is celebrated with a unique concept and theme which is”Yuva Shakti Bihar Ki Pragati , means Progress of Bihar through Youth power . Based on this theme the entire programme was conducted in grandeur manner in Gandhi Maidan today. The programme will be conducted consecutively for three days which is from 22 nd March to 24th March.
The best part of the entire programme included the variety of aspects that was covered by Bihar Government this year to cater to the needs and interests of all the people irrespective of gender and age. This year it was a comprehensive and holistic approach of Government of Bihar to showcase the different spectrums of Bihar to the masses and give them a sneak peek and a good glance over the multi cultural beauty of Bihar. The different departments of Bihar Government came together, collaborated and organised a Book Fair , Disaster Management camp , Health camp , Exhibitions by the students of Kilkaari , Patna and Gaya. Apart from these there were Food stalls which included the exotic recepies of Our Bihar including the dishes of other part of India celebrating the cultural diversity of Bihar and India under one roof.

This time the Government of Bihar has ensured that they come up with such innovative concepts which motivates the youth of Bihar to go out of the box and create something new and make Bihar a great hub for Entrepreneurial activity. The exhibitions were held by the students of different colleges and universities giving them a fair chance to showcase their hardwork and talent. Along with all these things the entire programme main focus was to bring out the best of Bihar and showcase the real power and strength of Bihar and its youth to the masses.

The main highlights of the programme for this year includes:

  1. kabbad se juggad (Best out of waste ) Products exhibited by the students of Kilkaari.
    There were different sorts of products like cutlery , pen stand , flower pots , wall hangings ,handbags ,Earings , Idols , which were made best out of the waste. All these products were really cheap and easily affordable and very beautiful and attractive. This initiative was taken by Government of Bihar to promote the young talents of our state and bring an entreprenurial knack in the youth of our Bihar .
  • Handicrafts made by specially challenged students of Asahadeep Divyang Punarvaas Kendra.
  • The Implementation of the objectives of Inclusive Education comes at top in the list of the government of Bihar and this year they tried their best to reach their target. There were specially challenged kids from the Ashadeep kendra who showcased their handicrafts exhibition. They were all enthralled to be the part of this big celebration and everyone who came to see their exhibition was motivated and hopeful for the new change that is definitely meant for bihar . All the handicrafts that was exhibited in the exhibition were made by these amazing kids .
  • The performances of young talent of Bihar.
  • There were small kids to the young ones who performed and showcased their amazing singing , dancing and acting Performances breaking the barrier that Bihar only produces IS and IPS.
  • The great women Entereprenuial force of Bihar.
  • The womens are changing and creating a new narratives and dynamics not just in the history of Bihar but India as well. It is said wisely by someone that when we educate a girl we educate a family and If a girl is educated she makes sure that her family and every aspect related to her family move towards progression. There were independent stalls which were led by the women Enterpreneurs single -handedly giving us some great Enterprenurial goals.
  • The students from different colleges and schools graced the event and enjoyed the different stalls and exhibitions.

Hind chakra team talked to the 10 year old kid “Ankita kumari “, who is a student of class 4th ” Sri Maa Durga Academy ‘ and this is what she said to our team :

I am connected to Kilkaari for 3 years and I am good at Dancing, Music, Tabla and Taekwondo . I come to Gandhi Maidan every year during Bihar Divas and this year there are so many interesting things that I want to buy and I want to meet all the young artists out there .I am proud to be a native of Bihar and I love my litti chokha and khaja and , I am not going anywhere away from my hometown.
This little bundle of joy changed the entire picture of what the Future of Bihar will look like.
It is often said that Don’t judge the book by its cover , you may get wrong in your judgement so it would be a good move to atleast go through the content of the book and then make a final decision.
The future of Bihar is not just limited to what the surface concept of Development looks like , its much more deeper than that. We as the citizens of India and specially of our State Bihar will be successfully changing the paradigm that will constitute the new arenas and new dimensions of development where everyone can have a better opportunity and a better outlook with which we see Bihar .The time will come soon when people will not make faces and say “ohh.. You are Bihari , I have heard about it , instead of that it will be ” Hey , You are from Bihar , That’s so cool ! And instead of making faces , they will have a smile of appreciation for our home state . This dream will not be just a dream but a reality when we all Biharis will come together in order to wreath the band of pearls whose tag line will be #Go Bihar ,Grow Bihar !

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