IIT Patna (TP Cell): Through continuous learning and self- confidence, women are writing their own destiny


Patna, India, March 12, 2024 – The Training and Placement Cell (TPC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT Patna) proudly hosted an event, themed “Innovators Unite: Women Transforming Industries,”. The event featured esteemed panelists from diverse backgrounds sharing their insights and experiences with the audience.

The event, organized by TPC, aimed to celebrate the remarkable contributions of women who are leading transformative initiatives across various industries globally. From technology giants to innovative startups, women are reshaping the world with their talent and perseverance. This year’s event highlighted the achievements of distinguished alumnae from IIT Patna who are making significant strides in their respective fields.

The panel discussions and keynote addresses were curated and conceptualized under the guidance of Kripa Shankar Singh, the Training and Placement Officer at IIT Patna. The event coordinators, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Panav Raj, Atul Pande, and Akash Sinha, ensured a seamless execution of the program. The event was emceed by Harshita Uppal and Amisha Kumari, who captivated the audience with their engaging presence. Dr. Ashwani Assam (Professor -in -charge, TPC, IIT Patna), and Asif Ekbal (Adean Resources, IIT Patna), commended the organizing team for orchestrating a successful and insightful event.

The panelists, all accomplished professionals, shared valuable insights and experiences during the event that include Swathi Bhumireddy, Senior Engineering Manager at Uber (San Francisco, California), Pinky Kapoor, Data Scientist at Verisk Analytics (New Jersey, USA), Anushree Jain, Software Development Engineer 2 at Microsoft, Surabhi Kumari, Senior Consultant – Generative AI at Deloitte, Bhavani Susmitha, MBA graduate from IIM Ahmedabad ’23, Palak Agarwal, SDM at Amazon.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of IIT Patna. The discussions delved into various topics, including career growth, overcoming challenges, and the importance of investing in oneself. The panelists emphasized the significance of taking risks, creating supportive environments, and embracing failures as learning opportunities.

Bhavani Susmitha encouraged attendees to view setbacks as stepping stones to success, emphasizing the importance of determination and self- validation. Palak Agarwal stressed the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and building a strong support system in the workplace.

Swathi Bhumireddy highlighted the value of persistence and self-investment, emphasizing the impact individuals creates rather than seeking external recognition. Anushree Jain underscored the multitasking abilities of women and the need for continuous learning and adaptability in today’s dynamic work environment.

Surabhi Kumari eloquently highlighted the challenges she faced as a mother in the corporate world and demonstrated how she successfully balanced motherhood with her career. Pinky Kapoor inspired us with the message to never limit ourselves, emphasizing that although a lack of resources may delay progress, it should not deter us from persevering and maintaining hope.

By investing in women, we are not just celebrating their achievements on a single day but rather investing in a future where innovation thrives. The event concluded with a note of inspiration and empowerment, leaving attendees motivated to pursue their goals with confidence and resilience.

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