Gurudev Ravindra Nath Tagore Jayanti celebrated at Sangeet Shikshyatan, Patna


Patna: Every year, the teachers and students have been celebrating the birthday of Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore as Cultural Heritage Day. This year too, all the trainees and gurus of art, dance, acting and literature of Shikshayatan performed this ceremony very enthusiastically online from their homes.
Ananya Apoorva danced to the beautiful song of the Padavali Sunalo Sanalo Radhika …. Lyrics and Isha, Payal, Shruti danced to the Dhitang Dhitang Bole …. Madhur Bangla folk song.
Ambika Kumari and Ananya sang the song Vande Mataram Rashtriya written by Tagore.
Shabnam Chaudhary, Pandit Sumit Kumar ‘Piyush’, Manoj Kumar Sharma performed Vandan with his poetic composition dedicated to the poet Guru Ravindra Nath.
Shambhavi Vats read his beautiful article in group and paid tribute to him by remembering Tagore’s life story.
At the same time, the kathak dancer Yamini through her various arts, celebrated the birth celebration of Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore with reverence.
Yamini showed the dancing girl in her abstract painting. Her own composition which seems to be influenced by the writings of Kaviguru Rabindranath, Two poems written in her word sense “mujhme etni samarth kanha” and “uchch akshansha ki sidhi” read. In both the poems, all desire is dependent on God. We are unable and fearless, you too can overcome sadness. If you want, you can feed the flowers that bloom during the night.
In the present situation, God is praised in the dreadful state of Korana. At the same time, Yamini explain very expressive movement on th words of song “Aguner Parash Mani Chhoo Pran ..” O God, bless me by touching my life through dance. Provide shelter to me in your temple and give me your blessings. She performed her dances, prayed and wished to overcome the Korana epidemic.
All the artists, parents, audience in the present group were well appreciated and enjoyed.
Artists who were participated : Ananya Apoorva, Shruti Payal, Isha, Ambika, Ananya, Shabnam chaudhari, pandit Sumit Kumar Piyush, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Shambhavi vats.

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