Lord Shiva is honoured for both his rage and gentle form by Abdhesh Jha

Yoga & Spirituality

Yoga & Spirituality: Lord Shiva is honoured for both his rage and gentle form. Shiva is considered different from other gods. Shiva is responsible for both origin and destruction of the universe, He is considered as the god of destruction in the trinity. Shiva is the source of eternal and creation process and this period is the basis of astrology.
Though the meaning of Shiva is prosperity, but he has always possessed both rythm and catastrophe. Shiva sees everyone with equal vision and is therefore called Mahadev. The word Shiva is used as adjective in Rig veda, as an adjective for many Rig vedic deities including Rudra. The word Shiv has also meant the ultimate liberation, auspicious, and venation.
Mahakal means god of rythm. It is a form of Lord Shiva, who controls the dimensions at the time of Brahma.

English translation by Shruti Sinha

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