The intellect factor differentiate human beings from all other living beings: Justice Rajendra Prasad.

Yoga & Spirituality

By Kumari Swati

Patna, Yoga & Spirituality: Every being living on this earth have souls. The humans are the one that has been gifted the intellect factor that differentiates them from all the other living beings. In a special series of spiritual awakening the Editor in chief of Hind chakra Abdhesh Jha talked to Justice Rajendra Prasad, the Former Judge of Patna High Court and the President of All India Judges Association, Delhi
He said Human beings can use this intellect to connect to the superbeing, and can use the power in various aspects of life. Human beings are misusing this power of intellect for their own personal benefit. They are destroying the mother nature and not utilising this power for good means. If this human activity is continued, the time is not far when these same humans will have to witness the hell on this earth due to their own actions. The current pandemic situation is an example of this.
He further said, Our forefathers have used this intellect for human welfare, they discovered the invisible universe through their meditation and yoga and by dhyana, which leads to peace of mind, they derived meaning of their existence through these methods. They even shared this knowledge to their future generations so that we use this intellect knowledge for welfare of mankind but we are doing opposite of it.
Every living organism has set time schedule that runs parallely with nature. If we take an example of a bird, she wakes up in the early morning with a rising sun, her chirping is sign of early morning for humans, after that he flies and in search of food roam to the places and finally after getting food for their child, they come back to their nest and sleeps at night.
Another example we can take of a tiger who is carnivores, eats flesh, on the other hand if we take cows they cannot eat flesh, because they eat grasses as they are herbivores. If they start eating flesh, the entire food cycle of our ecosystem will be ruined. All these living beings except humans run on their assigned times and duties entitled to them by nature.
But we humans, who are much mature than other living beings, due to our intellect factor, tries to experiment with the cycle of nature and ultimately fall back in our own trap that is created by us. The feeling of “I am the ultimate Bramha” creates a sense of ego in humans which leads to their destruction. We are gifted with this intellect factor by God, so that we can use it for the nourishment, and welfare of other humans, living beings and mother nature. But we are misusing this power for our selfish motives. He added that if this power is extracted out from our human race we will become same like other living beings and their will be balance in nature.

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