Yoga and Buddhism by Abdhesh Jha

Yoga & Spirituality

Yoga & Religion: In both yoga and Buddhism, it has been emphasized that for mental training it is necessary to adapt to physical and health conditions. Like ashtanga yog of yoga, the practice of ashtanga Marg is described in many spiritual practices as well, which includes Yama and niyam.
the most ancient practice of self realisation is through self inspection. To see what it is like is to be considered as vipassana ( special-seeing).
about 2,500 years ago, Lord Gautam Buddha research this extinct method and made it accessible as an art of living
Vipassana is a way of self transformation through self observation. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body. so, that the physical sensations which form the consciousness of the body can be experienced by paying direct attention to the above and keeps the activity of the consciousness of the mind and constant relation and state.

English translation by Shruti Sinha

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