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Written by Kumari Swati

Amidst the lockdown , we started , the series Real people Real conversations .In the end of the series we bring you the Interview ,of Madhuri Sinha , Teacher and counsellor by profession . Madhuri lives in the city of Lakes , Bhopal. She is a nature’s person who loves reading books and artistic work.Hind chakra talked to her on lockdown, counselling , life and various other aspects.

1.Do you always wanted to become a teacher or was it a sudden choice that came up?
No , I always wanted to be in the field of Medicine and Research in sciences, but then due to sudden family circumstances , I had to switch to any profession which would help me to be Independent and had my own earning resources. I lost my father during Graduation, so teaching was the ultimate option to make me independent early.
2.Are you happy with this profession ?
Yes, I was pursuing Science, But ,during my Bsc, I lost my father , so I had to complete my B.ED. With time , I started enjoying the field of Education and I realized the need of touching the lives and importance of Guidance and counselling in lives of the children .Gradually my interest started developing in Education.I also realized my lack of decision making power ability as a teacher.So I added on the Master’s Degree in School Management. Afterwards , I became a school head at Airforce School.This way somewhere I added on my experiences and it helped me to learn more and grow more in my profession.
3.How you took this lockdown ?Did your profession gave you enough time to think about it as a lockdown or you were busy with it?
I was really busy because of certain reasons, as I have got grown-up kids.I took up a course which demanded , lot of studies ,preparation of assignments,lot of Online research.Despite sitting at home, I had to communicate with lots of people through social media,and other online platforms.I was busy with reading a lot of stuffs regarding How this pandemic affected the overall structure of Education. I was closely monitoring the impact of Pandemic on students as both my kids are grown up.
4.How crucial is the role of schools and families in counselling of child ?
The smallest unit of society is Family. Thus,In family parents are the one who have to keep their eyes and ears open regarding the latest developments happening in their children .The parents should be aware regarding the Mental health and counselling programmes that are available for free , nearby them. There are CBSE websites, government portals and NCERT channels, where content on Mental health are available, Thus parents need to be aware regarding these Information Sources. The husband and wife should be open to talk about these mental health problems amongst them if they are not comfortable sharing it with relatives or neighbours.They should be aware regarding the therapies that are available . Instead of comparing the child with others and copying other parents , one should believe in the uniqueness of the child. School can also play an important role in encouraging kids.Thus it’s a responsibility of both school and family to come together and counsel children

5.Why a child is getting suicidal these days?

When a child is getting suicidal , it means the thinking of the child is affected, and a child has lost the purpose in life.Thats why they find the solution in Ending their life. So they need psychological help. It is important to inform the responsible people of the family regarding the case of the child. The work is done on the thought process of the child.There is a change in the Behavioural pattern of the child.The behavioural Therapy is given to the child to improve their condition.

6.According to you, how this lockdown has been utilized by students?
During this lockdown, Students have used the time in polishing their skills and hobbies. Many online courses that have been started by goverment and various other Institutes, students have trained themselves in different sorts of courses , which will add on in their carrier in future .
Students are also doing internships and jobs from their homes that are increasing their experience and helping their resumes to grow.
7.what are your Hobbies?Where do you find mental peace?
I am blessed to stay in an Army Cantonment, which is surrounded by tress all around.I am a nature’s person.I see some videos of wild animals and Creatures. I am happy when I am surrounded by books. I love to read books that helps in Self Reflection.
8.what you have learnt from Life?
Life is a journey to know oneself .one more thing that I have learnt from life is that , one should never be overconfident .
One should be content for what they have in life.

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