Dreams do come true “Those Fallen Breadcrumbs” book by Richa


  • Jitendra Kumar Sinha

Patna: June 04, 2021 :: Richa Kumari, daughter of Bihar, has added another feather in her cap. Richa has written a book called “THOSE FALLEN BREADCRUMBS” published by Notion Press. This book shows a mirror to the society and it is for those people who have forgotten their own dreams in life and accepted the path shown by others as their reality. This is the story of a boy named Akshay who, after failing IITJEE, follows the standards of success set by the society and, like all of us, is in a dilemma – was engineering really his dream? Clarity unfolds when he meets his college drop-out friend after three years. The purpose of this book is to change the mindset of the society so that the younger generation can choose the path that makes them happy and not the path that makes others happy. It will take all of us again back to their memory lane when we too were in a similar confusion. Let us also tell you that Richa Kumari went to NASA in 2013 and has brought laurels to India by participating in the robotics competition there. After graduating as Electronics engineer from BIT Mesra in 2014, Richa is a senior manager at a London-based multinational. She has made the country proud by winning the title of Mrs. Asia Universe in 2020 and she is currently pursuing her MBA from IIM Raipur.

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