IIT Patna Final day of Celesta: IAS Praveen Kumar Said, “There are three C’s in life. Choice, Chance and Change. You must make a choice to take a chance for a change.”


Patna: 29 January 2023 :: The final day of Celesta exploded into a festival of great grandeur. The day was filled with a multitude of pompous events, which began with Robo Sumo, continued by Robo Soccer, Mind Benders; informative and enlightening guest lectures from dignitaries, Praveen Kumar (IAS) and Sai Satish (Founder and CEO of Indian Servers) and concluded with the most awaited Pronite, which saw a plethora of engaging performances from reputed stand up comedians and musicians.

Robo Soccer: A fierce robotic event, Robo Soccer witnessed participation from various colleges across the state to compete in a robotic soccer match. The adrenaline rushed event witnessed hoardes of audience, each rooting for their favourite robot to win.

Robo Sumo: A one of a kind robotic survival event, Robo Sumo saw the participants use their wits and aptitude to push off their opponents from the robo arena circle.

Robo Wars: A highly competitive robotic fight, Robo Wars saw humongous participation from students. It featured robots with high end upgrades like hammers and flippers.

Guest lecture by IAS Praveen Kumar: “There are three C’s in life. Choice, Chance and Change. You must make a choice to take a chance for a change.” IAS Praveen Kumar began his enlightening talk by recollecting his experiences at IIT Kanpur. He spoke about the importance of believing in yourself, never comparing yourself with others, coming out of your comfort zone to conduct fests in your college and engaging in extracurriculars and sports while managing your academics. He gave many valuable insights into facing the outside world while urging students to utilize the opportunities available to them to make India a superpower. He ended his talk by giving useful tips to succeed in the UPSC exam and the importance of perseverance to achieve this goal. He then proceeded to a one- on-one interaction session with the students, solving their queries and motivating them to persevere to achieve their goals.

Guest Lecture by Sai Satish:
Founder and CEO of Indian Servers, Sai Satish, held an exciting session on the perks of cyber security. He shared multiple tools to explore the field of ethical hacking. From giving a live demonstration of hacking into websites to cracking the passwords of laptops, the session provided a hands- on experience to the attendees. He gave valuable security points to secure an email account. He advised the students to categorize passwords into financial, confidential and remote for better protection. He also expressed his concerns about unmonitored hacking, which is a punishable crime and encouraged the students to explore the field of ethical hacking.

The day concluded in a laugh riot as prominent stand up comedians Gaurav Kapoor and Aaditya aka Kullu featured one of their best comedic acts. It was followed by a DJ Night by DJ Ravator, who set the stage on fire with his energetic music.

Celesta ended this year on a high note, grander then ever, witnessing the highest ever participation in its history. Celesta will be back next year, when it will host more such monumental events and look to cross the high bar set this year

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