Save River – Save Life: MOU signed by College of Arts & Crafts, Patna and Dharti International Foundation to save lives!


Patna: 7 April 2023 :: A Memorandum of Understanding sign with College of Arts & Crafts, Patna University and Dharti International Foundation over Save River – Save Life. The Principal of college of Art and Crafts Dr Ajay Kumar Pandey & Founder of Dharti International Foundation Kavi Nishant Bharadwaj Rajput said in combined press brief that this collaboration would bring prosper change in Human beings, Society, Environment and Nation as a whole.
Begin with; the aim of this collaboration is to promote environmental conservation under the project of Bharat Nadi Abhiyan “Mission 500 Crore Plantation Drive 2021-50. Because Environmental conservation is vital for the health and well-being of our planet and all the living beings that call it home. By practicing conservation efforts such as plantation activities reducing waste, and using sustainable products, we can help to preserve the earth’s natural resources for future generations. Additionally, protecting wildlife habitats and reducing pollution can help to maintain the delicate balance of ecosystems and prevent further damage to our planet.
By planting trees and creating green spaces in urban areas, we can reduce the concentration of these pollutants and improve the air quality. Moreover, trees and plants can help to reduce the urban heat island effect by providing shade and evaporative cooling. This effect occurs when urban areas experience higher temperatures due to the concentration of buildings, roads, and other heat-absorbing surfaces. Trees can help to mitigate this effect by absorbing and reflecting the sun’s rays, creating a cooler microclimate.
We would like to spread the importance of traditional medicine and its practices like Ayurveda, Homeopathic and Indigenous Medicinal Plant to protect human life and forest along with nature conservation by promoting Panchavati Plantation activities, because it’s hold significant importance in Hindu mythology and are also considered beneficial for environmental conservation. Panchavati refers to a group of five trees – Ashoka, Vilva, Amra, Nimba, and Parijata. Each of these trees holds a special significance and is believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties.
Conducting conferences, workshops, and seminars on special occasions can be an effective way to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and network with like-minded individuals.

Overall, the aim of Dharti Foundation is to empower communities and promote sustainable development through education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. By working towards these goals, the organization hopes to create a more just and equitable society for all.

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