Orientation Programme of B. Ed. Session 2023- 25


Patna: 11 July 2023 :: The three- day orientation program for the newly admitted B.Ed. students of the session 2023- 25 commenced at the Department of Education, Patna Women’s College Autonomous, with a serene atmosphere. Dr. Shubhra, Assistant Professor, led the gathering in a moment of meditation and prayer, setting a peaceful tone for the day. Dr. Sister M. Saroj A.C., Head and Dean of the Department, introduced the students to their academic home, enlightening them about the department’s values and vision. Dr. Rashmi Sinha provided guidance on the syllabus and marking scheme, offering valuable insights for their educational journey.

The highlight of the day was the eagerly anticipated Talent Hunt session, where each student showcased their unique abilities. Dr. Madhumita and Yamini, Assistant Professors, Department of Education expertly orchestrated this display of talents, further igniting the students’ enthusiasm. After lunch, the students embarked on a tour of the department led by different faculty members, gaining a sense of belonging and familiarity with the department’s facilities. The day concluded with a session on prayer and prayer songs, reinforcing the cultural aspect of education.

On the second day, the orientation began with a guided meditation session led by Dr. Shubhra, followed by introductions from the teaching and non-teaching staff. Mr. Shekhar Kumar, the Head Librarian, familiarised the students with the library’s rules and resources. A guest lecture by Dr. Upasana Singh provided insights into the role of a 21st-century teacher and the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in the rapidly changing world.

The final day commenced with prayer and a presentation on the department’s add-on courses. The much-awaited Inaugural Programme marked the culmination of the orientation. Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A. C., the esteemed Principal of Patna Women’s College, graced the occasion and formally inaugurated the new batch. Through the Pencil Parable, the students learned the significance of resilience and continuous self- improvement. Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C. inspired the students to embrace their potential as teachers and encouraged them to learn from their mistakes and sharpen their skills. With pride and conviction, she instilled in them the College Motto, “Always Wise.” The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Madhumita, Assistant Professor, expressing gratitude for the enriching orientation experience.

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