IIT Patna’s Dr. Snehasis Daschakraborty has been awarded the prestigious Chemical Research Soceity of India (CRSI) Bronze medal 2024


Patna: IIT, Patna :: The Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) has recognized the exceptional contributions of Dr. Snehasis Daschakraborty (Associate Professor, Dept of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Patna) to the field of chemistry by awarding him the prestigious Bronze Medal. Established in 1999, the CRSI acknowledges the outstanding achievements of scientists in the realm of Chemistry and bestows gold, silver, and bronze medals in recognition of their groundbreaking research.

The CRSI Bronze Medal is bestowed upon researchers who have demonstrated excellence in any domain of Chemistry. The coveted award is presented annually during the National Symposium of Chemistry, held in both February and July. In addition to receiving the medal, the honored scientists are invited to deliver a 20-minute lecture, sharing their insights and discoveries with the distinguished gathering of attendees.

The CRSI Bronze Medal is a significant acknowledgment of Dr. Daschakraborty’s unwavering commitment to scientific excellence and his relentless pursuit of innovation in the chemical sciences.

Indian Institute of Technology Patna extends its heartfelt congratulations to Dr.Snehasis Daschakraborty for this well-deserved honor and expresses gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the field of Chemistry.

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