Portrayal of women in Advertising.


By Kumari Swati

Mumbai :Indian media not only comprises of cinema and television but also the print and advertising. Indian advertising has always stereotyped women in the traditional roles that society has conditioned.
The marketer associate their brand with such ideas of societal conditioning and showcase women in old traditional bechari avatar so that their brand appeals the audience and hence profit can be gained. With the change in time , and thought process there is a shift in this representation and brands are coming up with new ideas to change the perception of the audience and make the good brand value among customers.
Advertisements of brands like stayfree, Nihar shanti Amla oil, Vaseline and women products have characters of today’s day and age who are homemaker as well as independent. They can make their own carrier choices and can live their life on their own terms.
Apart from these ads there are ads which are still made to showcase women in the old stereotypical criteria , the fairness cream brand ads and cosmetic ads comes under this category.

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