Face Tech Tracker will make easier to identify criminals .


Written by Jitendra Kumar Sinha,
English Translation by Kumari Swati. : Patna : According to the information received by the sources, a camera with ‘Face Recognition System’ is being installed in Varanasi, which will identify any criminal and tell the police. This tracker will be India’s first  tracker of the Face Recognition System .This will be launched on 27 November.

When a Face Recognition System is installed, any criminal entering the border of Varanasi, his escape and concealment will fail and his identity will be recognized immediately. Sources said that the Internet Freedom Foundation has announced on Monday that the project is fully ready for launch. The police will be able to send criminals behind bars once the project gets operational. It is being said that this camera is so effective that it will be able to identify many years old photographs of criminals. Not only this, even if the criminal is adept at disguising  this high-tech camera will easily catch them. Sources also said that it is being planted using Indian, European and American technology. It will cost 125 crores to install, which will cover 500 kilometers of optical fiber and 3000 cameras will be installed in 700 different places, of which 22 cameras will be for face recognition system. The number can also be increased according to the need. The camera will be able to identify the culprits from a distance of about 7.5 meters.

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