Indian apps ready to take a prominent place of Chinese apps in Indian market.

National Technology

By Jitendra Sinha
English translation by Kumari Swati

The dispute that India is facing with China at Galwan ghati made Indian government take strong steps to ensure security and sovereignty of our country. In regard to this , India banned 59 apps of China , including the popular app Tiktok.
  The Indian government are coming up with some new apps to remove the voidness on social media , which happened due to ban on Tiktok.
The apps which are taking place of Chinese apps includes Mitron, Chingari, Roposo, Moj, HiPi and many more. Mitron and Chingari are the most popular ones among the Indian masses.
People are making Mitron ,an alternative for Tiktok and ,its users are more than 2crore.Similarly Chingari is also getting popular among people.The company of this app are trying their best to remove all the bugs related to the app to make it more user friendly.
On the other hand ,Roposo is available in 12 Indian languanges. Moj app is available in Bengali, Gujrati,Kannada and other 15 Indian languages.Another app HiPi is  garnering a good attention in the market.

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