Returning towards our root of Education, Egalitarianism & Entrepreneurship through campaign “Let’s Inspire Bihar”


Patna: 05 June, 2022 :: an entrepreneurship based program named ‘Vibrant Bihar Global Summit’
was organized under the aegis of “Let’s Inspire Bihar” campaign in Maurya Hotel, Patna. The summit witnessed the presence of Syed Shahnawaj Hussain, Hon’ble Minister of Industries, Government of Bihar, and Senior IPS Officer Vikas Vaibhav, who is presently, posted as Special Secretary (Home), Government of Bihar, along with many eminent industrialists of Bihari origin and founder of some excellent new startups.
“Let’s Inspire Bihar” campaign whose stated objective is to return towards State’s civilizational root of education, egalitarianism & entrepreneurship, is a movement started by Bihar’s Senior IPS Officer Vikas Vaibhav, of which more than 37 thousand
people have become a part of hitherto. It has more than 500 chapters operating as of now, out of which there are 41 women chapters, 10 outside Bihar chapters, 20 foreign chapters and 51 special chapters. Addressing the gathering, Minister of Industries, Government of Bihar, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain said that Vikas Vaibhav is truly making an honest attempt to inspire Bihar through this noble campaign and I have deep admiration for him for all the noble causes that he is espousing. “I know him since very long. He is a man of action and a truly upright officer. He was also posted at my place in Bhagalpur & did a brilliant job there which is still appreciated by people there” the Minister added.
“Today, Bihar is talking about industries & entrepreneurship. It is a big matter. Our state has tremendous possibilities and we need to explore them. I agree with Vikas Vaibhav that we need to rise above caste and religious identities in order to make Bihar an industrial hub. “Make in Bihar” should be promoted. It should not be treated as a mere market that you make your products somewhere else and sell it in Bihar. I am in talks with Adani Group, Tata Groups, Lulu Groups & many other business groups to establish industries in Bihar. We have kept the target of bringing Bihar in top 5 States in terms of ease of doing business. We are coming with this policy where we will give all clearances to industrialists and startups within seven days for setting up their business here” the Minister further added. From the podium of “Vibrant Bihar Global Summit” the Minister also made this announcement that his department is coming up with a new textile and leather policy that will come into action on 8th of June, and he invited Vikas Vaibhav in the concerned program. Concluding his remarks, the Minister congratulated the efforts of Vikas Vaibhav & said that he feels privileged to be associated with “Let’s Inspire Bihar” campaign. Addressing the audience on the occasion, Senior IPS Officer Vikas Vaibhav said that Bihar has been a land of entrepreneurship. Kautilya’s Arthshashtra emanated from this very land. Bhagalpur was an ancient city of trade and it had its trade relations extended as far as Vietnam, in a time when we had no modern means of transportation and technology. If we could excel in trade then, what stops us excelling in it now? The only thing we need to do is to rise above prevailing caste and religious identities and strive towards making Bihar a better place in terms of education, egalitarianism and entrepreneurship.

“Vibrant Bihar Global Summit” also witnessed the presence of some eminent industrialists including O.P Jha, Chief Operating Officer, Anwar Ispat Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Rakesh Jha, Managing Director of Oman Engineering Constructions Ltd. who especially flew from Oman to Patna to attend this summit, Mr. Mohan Jha, who is posted as a “Technical Director” in a Medicare company called Dr. D.M Medicare, and Mala Jha, an entrepreneur and a social worker who especially flew from USA to attend this program. Many Bihar based successful entrepreneurs and those based outside Bihar also graced the occasion. To participate in this summit, applications were invited from struggling entrepreneurs of Bihar for which more than five hundred applications were received. Out of this,
around 150 startups were invited to participate in this summit, where they have been promised all possible help on part of “Let’s Inspire Bihar” campaign for their startups to grow and flourish.

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