SK Associates & Group hosted an International Conference on “Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Strategies for success”


Hyderabad: 21 June 2024 :: SK Associates & Group hosts an International Conference 3.4 on “Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Strategies for success”
SK Associates & Group hosted an International Conference 3.4 on Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Strategies for success” from June 15th — 17th. The Conference was hosted online & streamed LIVE on their YouTube channel from 7- 8:30 PM IST on all 3 days. The Top 16 eminent and noteworthy Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders, Co-founders, and multiple other industry expert from APAC &; EMEA were invited to speak at the event. SK A&G is an ISO-certified management consulting firm registered under the MSMED Act 2006 with the Government of India. We are a strong team of 6,000+ Professionals from various backgrounds and we aim to strengthen global economic growth by providing pro- bono consulting services to budding student entrepreneurs and helping them build their start-ups across various industries. All the Guest Speakers were awarded a Certificate of Honour and the Attendees were given Certificates for successfully participating in the conference.
The Synopsis of the speeches given by the Guests is stated as follows:
“Post-COVID, workplace wellness is crucial. Companies must listen to employees, involve leadership, and adopt a holistic approach to health. Open communication and inclusivity are key to fostering a happy, healthy, and engaged workforce, driving success.

Sulbha Rai
Chief People Officer
“Understanding the dynamics between structured public companies and family- oriented businesses is crucial. Effective strategies for employee health and well-being must be tailored to the organization’s culture and values.

Lasintha Ferdinando
Smlin (Netherlands)

“Embracing inner joy and creating a positive workplace culture can transform energy, foster authenticity, and enhance well-being, leading to a more vibrant and successful organization.

Florent Coudyser
Managing Director / Principal Consultant
JKSE Consultants Pvt Ltd (Sri Lanka)
“Continuous learning, asking questions, open communication with supervisors, fostering workplace friendships, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are essential strategies for success in promoting well-being at work.

Precious Nyarambi
Founder & Director
Vessels of Virtue (US)
“Health and wellness at work require joint efforts from employees and employers. Implementing small, consistent improvements, like meditation and scheduling breaks, fosters a more productive and balanced workplace culture.

Vikas Bansal
Managing Director
Ftv Salon Academy
“Success in workplace health and wellness requires holistic strategies addressing mental, emotional, and physical well-being. From realistic timelines to respectful cultures, fostering a supportive environment is paramount for thriving employees.

Kaustubhan B. Srivathsan
KAD 24 Tekno solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Creating a gender-inclusive workplace with robust policies, training, and support for health and wellness fosters empowerment, reduces disparities, and paves the way for a truly equitable future.

Sunita Sangar
Senior Technical Consultant
UN Women

“Building a culture of transparency, self-reflection, and personal accountability fosters a healthy workplace environment, where individuals thrive, productivity soars, and mental wellness flourishes.

Dr. Shailesh Mishra
O trinee India Pvt. Ltd

“Prioritizing health in the workplace through support, education, and inclusive initiatives fosters productivity, reduces stress, and ensures a thriving, balanced environment for all employees.

Malak Shah
Startup Manager
Smart Gain Finance Simplified

“Appreciation, proper workload distribution, team bonding, daily scrums, skill development sessions, and a conducive office environment foster productivity, collaboration, and mental wellness in the workplace.

Abhijit Bhowmik
Co- Chairman
Bangladesh Association of Software and
Information Services (BASIS)

“Crafting a compelling employee value proposition, focusing on meaningful flexibility, personal growth, holistic well-being, shared purpose, and connections fosters a thriving workplace culture of care and stability.

Piyush Ahuja
Co- Founder & CEO
Leadership R Us

“Health and wellness in the workplace require moving from traditional KPIs to agile, people- focused OKRs, emphasizing holistic well-being and strategic alignment to foster a thriving organizational culture.

Dr. Samantha Rathnayake
Senior Faculty/Postgraduate Institute of
University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri

“Maintaining physical fitness, healthy eating habits, mental resilience, work- life balance, positive work culture, and digital detox are essential strategies for ensuring health and wellness in the workplace.

Dhiraj Ahuja
Founder & CEO
Skills Konnect

“Effective workplace wellness involves transitioning from a checker game mindset to a chess game approach, focusing on co-creating value, strategic thinking, and adaptive processes for sustained employee well- being and organizational success.

Saara A Tomar
Chairman & Director
Farsighters Network & Communications
Pvt Ltd

“Effective Performance Management, emphasizing fairness and clear goals, significantly enhances job satisfaction, reduces stress, and promotes employee engagement, contributing to overall mental well-being and organizational success.

Anirudha Modak
Founder & Principal Consultant
Guru on Tap Consulting

“Aligning your work with your values and purpose transforms a repetitive job into a fulfilling career, fostering workplace well-being and a deeper sense of achievement.

Zainab Hudha
Mental Health Practitioner
Muse Collective (Sri Lanka)

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